• Education about strains, growing to harvest, uses, ingestion, vaporization
  • Information for patient/growers
  • Full selection of dried flowers at all recovery levels, concentrates, cuttings, edibles, and topicals
  • Unique collection of local, hand-crafted, 215 lifestyle items.*
  • Compassionate, knowledgeable staff and volunteers
  • Random compassion every day

Check out our hand-crafted medical stash boxes created from dead-growth pine (which creates the beautiful blue hue throughout the grain).  These boxes were created at one of the registered historic, steam-powered sawmills in the nation.  They are rough-hewn, so you can sand, stain, or paint the 215 icons on the box-top any way you like...it's up to you!  The inside divider will give you up to four compartments to use as you see fit, and the box-top has a great feature for rolling.  ....AND we now have glass delivery systems, including bubble makers and chills.  They are locally blown in San Rafael, simple but elegant, and are a great price.




Caregiver Compassion Group was first established in 2004 in Santa Rosa where it was in an old flower nursery on Santa Rosa Creek. The association  then moved to an upgraded location on the opposite side of town, but after internal issues, and no support from the City of Santa Rosa, was forced to relocate in Sausalito.  From there, a change of heart by our Sausalito landlord forced an eviction, and the association is now doing delivery in all of Marin County.


Meet the Managers

Berta and Donald now share co-presidentship of CCG, a California Not-For-Profit Association. The association has always endeavored  to keep the medicinal value of cannabis at the  forefront of its existence, and that has continually been reflected in its fair recovery costs, its adherence to the state law, and its commitment to patient care. Just like at the association's former location, the delivery budistas invite an open dialogue in the environment where each patient feels most comfortable.  This ensures a quality experience so the healing can begin immediately. The association welcomes any patient who believes that a community of medical cannabis patients, working together in mindful healing, can do its part to help ensure a safer, healthier planet for the next generations.


Don: I've been a medical cannabis user since 12/6/1986 when I fell 20 ft., landed on my left heel, and broke that ankle into 19 pieces. Surgery removed four of those pieces, all of the cartilage, and replaced that with three steel pins. After 20 years of constant pain, I was ready to have the ankle removed. But in 2007, thanks to the VA, an ankle surgery, already being performed in Europe for ten years, was offered to me.  I was given the 7th total ankle replacement in the whole USA. With a couple of years of physical therapy now behind me, I am almost pain free and walking with only a slight limp. I found that cannabis was the only relief I could find that would let me work and allow me to stay off hard drugs. Most doctors had wanted to give me morphine-derived pain relief, plus the other drugs necessary to deal with the side effects.  But I have continued to use only cannabis over the years and feel it has saved me from a life of drug dependence and ill health.




Berta: I've been a medical cannabis user for years now.  I never really realized for the longest time that I was using cannabis medically, feeling a bit criminal as I got bits of crappy herb from the street that probably weren't the cleanest.  One day, going for my annual physical, I spotted a stack of cards for a medical cannabis specialist who was right in the medical building I was standing in.  I grabbed a card, called for an appointment, and thus began my life as a person using cannabis for all the world to see.  I had come out! 


And what a world it is!  CCG has been hard-pressed being received  as the medical facility that we have always strived to be.  We truly believe in the healing capacities of the cannabis plant.  It's serious business and we treat it as such.  We are not happy with the money we see being made at the expense of sick people in this state.  We are a not-for-profit in the truest meaning of the term.  Our recovery costs are fair; our information accurate.  We want our patients to feel safe, welcome, and confident that they will feel better because they chose to call our collective.


We want to know how our patients are doing.  We want them to ask us questions.  We want them to stay informed about all aspects of the medical cannabis community.  Interdependent relationships, cummunity interactions;  these are the goals we embrace daily.  Come check us out and see for yourself, and let us know what you think.  Everyone counts at CCG!



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